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8-1/2 Inch Owl Family Japanese Nabe Pot

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8-1/2 Inch Owl Family Japanese Nabe Pot
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How can you resist a Japanese nabe pot as cute as this one? Made from a sturdy and durable ceramic in Japan, this donabe pot features an adorable family of cartoon owls on its lid. Mostly glazed with a smooth dark blue glaze, the lid sports as smooth yet subtly bumpy texture. On two sides of the donabe potís lid, an adorable image of minimalistic trees and two owls is shown. One owl is pink while the other is blue. On one side, the pink owl has a happy eye smile, while on the other side the pink owl is winking. This charming design is depicted on an off-white backdrop and the entire lid is coated with a crackled glaze.

The pot itself, however, has a more rustic feel and has a matte, rough dark brown exterior. The top of the nabe potís handles as well as the rim of the pot are colored a lighter brown with hints of an incredibly light blue. The interior of the nabe pot is a papery smooth white color, which is similar to the bottom exteriorís off-white, except its texture is rough, since it is raw, exposed ceramic.

This beautifully designed donabe pot has one ventilation hole on its lid as well as a knob with three sharp grooves so that you can easily take the lid on or off the pot. The underside of the lid is colored the same off-white as the potís interior, but is still covered with a crackled glaze topcoat. To contrast the smooth texture, the rim has a ring of exposed white ceramic, similar to that of the donabe potís bottom.

This large nabe pot is an earthenware vessel often used to make ďnabemonoĒ or a warm one-pot meal. The pot is filled with any kind of broth along with any of your favorite ingredients like seafood, meat, vegetables, udon, or tofu. Although you canít put this Japanese nabe pot in the microwave or dishwasher, the healthy and delicious meals that you can have with friends and family are well worth it!

  • Pot Dimension (D 8-1/2Ēx H 3Ē)
  • Pot Dimension Including Handles and Lid (D 9-3/4Ē x H 4-3/4Ē)
  • Pot Capacity (47 fl oz)
  • Product Wt. (4 lb 2.6 oz)

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