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Large Lucky Japanese Daruma Doll

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Large Lucky Japanese Daruma Doll
Item# 4022
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Humorous and adorable, this lacquered dark wood japanese daruma doll is a collectible item. With a cute hand painted facial expression, this daruma doll will bring more than luck your way; it will also bring a smile.

Egg shaped, this japanese daruma doll is flat on the bottom, so it will easily stand on any surface, from office desks to mantels and display cabinets, this cute daruma doll with its lively expressions and beautiful craftsmanship is sure to stand out.

Daruma dolls originated in Japan and are usually egg shaped and hollow. Darumas are considered both a form of toy and a talisman of good luck in Japan. The egg shape of daruma dolls is a symbol of resilience in the face of hardship. In Japan, many daruma dolls are tumbler dolls that stand up when knocked over.

Daruma dolls are also symbols of perseverance. Many daruma dolls are often crafted without the eyes painted. This is done as a form of motivation. Daruma dolls are motivational items and goal tracker. Once the goal is achieved, the eyes of the daruma doll will be painted in as a way of thanking daruma for granting one's wish.

This beautiful dark wood japanese daruma doll, unlike the conventional daruma doll, is not made from paper machier, nor does it have unfinished eyes. It is a collector's item. With vivacious expressions and lively decorative paints that give expressive animation to the doll, this daruma doll will motivate with its fearless and determined look. Artfully crafted so that he has facial, chest hair and wears a robe.

Lovable and innovative, this daruma doll comes packaged in a brown paper box and will make an excellent gift for anyone who needs a little motivation. Made in Japan. This is the bigger version of #7412.

  • Daruma Doll Dimension (H 4-1/2")
  • Product Wt. (8.6 oz.)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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