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Earthen Features Japanese Rice Bowl Set of Four

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Earthen Features Japanese Rice Bowl Set of Four
Item# 12286

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Featuring a combination of both natural colors and textures, these four Japanese rice bowls come together to create the perfect balance of contemporary charm and raw, unfiltered beauty. Deeper than most rice bowls, these wonderful ceramic bowls are the perfect size for holding portions of rice, soup, or noodles.

Each bowl is uniquely and carefully crafted in Japan to bring a certain charm to the set as a whole. To begin, the first bowl sports a bold black interior and rim. This black portion has a grainy texture that you can feel when you run your finger over it. On the exterior of the bowl, the black color goes down about 3/4 of an inch from the rim and stops when it collides with a russet colored ring that runs along a groove on the outside of the Japanese rice bowl. Underneath this reddish-brown ring is an off-white that colors the rest of the bowls bottom. In contrast, this white portion has a smooth and papery texture.

The second bowl features a grainy texture that covers the majority of the Japanese ceramic bowl, along with a mix of forest green, light blue, and dark brown speckles, which is reminiscent of moss growing by the waterside. The most unique part of this bowl, however, is a smooth glazed portion on one side of this bowl. A dark blue-green glaze makes a thick U-shape on both the exterior and interior of the bowl. Above this U-shape, that portion of the bowl is colored in with a pastel green crackled glaze.

The third bowl is perfectly split in half on both its interior and exterior with two colors. One side is completely colored with a light blue. It has a smooth, papery texture and has a subtle darker blue color that looks like it is dripping down the sides of the bowl. The other side of this Japanese rice bowl is covered in a glossy yellow glaze that has occasional dark brown speckles covering it. These two colors are separated by a line of soft green that goes around the entirety of the bowl. This bowl evokes an image similar to that of the coastside, where the yellow side of the bowl is like the golden sand and the blue is like the soft ocean waves.

The last bowl is covered in a black color that is accompanied by a rough, matte texture. Near the rim on both the interior and exterior has a foamy effect, which is created because the middle of this portion is a blue-ish white that becomes a darker blue near the edges. This portion is another layer of glaze, so it bumps outward. The rim itself is glazed with a dark brown and has a very rough, grainy texture.

Though unique, these Japanese rice bowls all have similarities. For example, they are all made from sturdy ceramic, which is shown as an exposed ring of ceramic at each bowls footing. Furthermore, all the bowls have ridges on their exteriors so that you can better grip and hold on each bowl. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this set of Japanese bowls is a practical and convenient choice for your dining table. If you dont need another set of beautiful rice bowls in your kitchen, this set of bowls is also deep enough to be used as charming and unique flower pots for smaller plants and flowers.

  • Bowl Dimensions (D 4-3/4" x H 3")
  • Bowl Capacity (17 fl oz)
  • Product Wt. (2 lb 13.7 oz)

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    This item is currently out of stock!

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