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Blue and White Natural Beauty Wooden Chopstick Set of Five

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Blue and White Natural Beauty Wooden Chopstick Set of Five
Item# 12277

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Flaunting a traditional charm and many important symbols within Japanese culture, these smooth wooden chopsticks are a wonderful choice to add to your utensil collection. Consisting of five pairs of beautifully designed chopsticks, this chopstick set is both stunning and functional. With tapered ends and gridded tips for better grip on food, these wonderful Japan-made chopsticks are unique from each other, but come together and form a cohesive collection.

Each of these chopsticks features a dark blue coating at the top of each pair with distinct images colored in white and illustrated to look like stained glass or a mosaic. The first pair of chopsticks has a simple design of cherry blossoms and petals swirling around the chopstick. The cherry blossom is a symbol of the fleeting nature of life, new beginnings, and optimism for the future. The second pair of chopsticks has a crescent moon near the top of the design, crashing waves at the bottom of the design, and jumping rabbits in the sky. This design may be referring to the myth of “Tsuki no Usagi,” or the “Rabbit of the Moon,” in which it is said that there is a rabbit in the moon that makes mochi and is pounding rice in a mortar, since he killed the rice goddess Ukemochi. The third pair of chopsticks shows hibiscus flowers, leaves, and butterflies. In Japanese culture, the hibiscus flower is the ultimate symbol of gentility and the butterfly is a symbol of emerging beauty and grace. The fourth pair of chopsticks in this chopstick set has a large rose-like design near the bottom and the top with dragonflies and lines indicating a light breeze between this flower imagery. The dragonfly is an important symbol of courage, strength, and happiness in Japanese culture. The last, but certainly not least, pair of chopsticks features many cranes in flight. Cranes are a common motif in weddings since they only have one mate for life and have become a symbol of longevity and unity in marriage.

Though at first glance, these designs may look simple, the entirety of this chopstick set is packed with symbols from Japanese culture. Below the blue and white designs, you can see the natural wood that these chopsticks were made from. If you are planning on getting a chopstick set, why not get one that is both incredibly beautiful and meaningful?

  • Chopstick Dimension (L 9”)
  • Product Wt. (6.5 oz)

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