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Blue and White Swirls Ramen Bowl Set of Three

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Blue and White Swirls Ramen Bowl Set of Three
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All with mesmerizing designs smoothly glazed in blue and white, the ramen bowls that make up this bowl set are sure to capture the attention of your family members and dinner guests through their bold and intricate designs. Made in Japan from a sturdy ceramic, these large bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe so that you can use them over and over.

To begin, one bowl is covered with many swirling vines that have even more swirling tendrils growing off of them. Growing on these thin curly vines are detailed leaves and camellia blooms and flowers glazed with a deep, dark blue. The camellia flower is a romantic and beautiful symbol in Japanese culture that represents long-lasting devotion, eternal love, affection, and admiration. Another one of the ramen bowls has a different take on this swirling pattern. With a design entirely made out of repeating hash marks that circle around the whole bowl, this noodle bowl gives off an illusion of depth as the number of hash marks becomes denser as the circles get closer to the bowl’s center. Unlike the other two bowls whose designs are consistently repetitive on their interiors and exteriors, the last bowl has a circle of white in its bottom interior that contrasts its repetitive swirling pattern. Found on the sides of the interior and exterior of this bowl are thin curling stems with both thick and thin leaves growing on them. At the end of each of these swirls is a chrysanthemum flower, which represents perfection, prosperity, and peace. This motif becomes the focal point in the middle of the white circle, where a singular chrysanthemum flower is placed in the center, surrounded by three thick leaves and nine thin leaves.

Though they all have a unique style that sets them apart from each other, these bowls all share similar qualities as well. All three ramen bowls have a bold brown rim and bottoms that were intentionally left a clean white, aside from a thin line of blue that indicates the start of the bowls’ footings. A mix between classic and contemporary, this bowl set is perfect for if you need large serving bowls to hold large portions of noodles, rice, pasta, salad, snacks, and desserts.

  • Bowl Dimension (D 7-1/2” x H 3-3/4”)
  • Bowl Capacity (53 fl oz)
  • Product Wt. (4 lb 12.1 oz)

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