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Noble Peonies and Karakusa Asian Noodle Bowls Set for Three

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Noble Peonies and Karakusa Asian Noodle Bowls Set for Three
Item# 12103

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Featuring beautiful and intricate designs of peonies and karakusa plants, these Asian noodle bowls are perfect for the elegant home. With classic blue and white colors, these Japanese noodles bowls are great for display and for the dining table.

Peonies as well as the classic karakusa vine design were symbols of nobility in early China and Japan where emperors and empresses were often seen wearing these designs on their clothing or having them depicted on houses and personal effects of nobles. Mainly popular in the Sui and Tang dynasties, peonies earned the title of the “king of flowers” and when shown in full bloom, they symbolized peace.

In several hues of blue along with classic white tones, each of these Asian noodle bowls feature a different design for each bowl. Large and elegant peony designs are featured in the first bowl, with one grand and blooming peony pictured right in the center while the vines and leaves spread all throughout the bowl with smaller peonies budding at the ends. The second ramen bowl features a forest of arabesque "karakusa" designs in blue and white covering the entire bowl but with more spread out vines on the outside of the bowl. The last bowl features a combination of the two previous bowls, with blooming peonies and spotted karakusa designs swirling behind them.

Packaged in a paper box, this Asian noodle bowls set can easily be gift wrapped for house warming parties. Made in Japan from quality ceramic, these blue and white bowls are also microwavable and dishwasher safe.

  • Product Dimension (D 8" x H 3-1/8")
  • Product Wt. (4 lb 5.3 oz)

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