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Owl, Moon, and Stars Twinkling Reusable Chopsticks

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Owl, Moon, and Stars Twinkling Reusable Chopsticks
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Featuring silver twinkling images of Owls, Moons, and several stars, this pair of reusable chopsticks have a stunning look with the choice of material used to create them.

Made in Japan from dark wood, this pair of reusable chopsticks is mainly black with the lower half exposing the dark wood it was made from separated by three shimmering gold lines. On the top black lacquered portion of these Asian chopsticks, small images of owls and stars decorate one chopstick while the other chopstick has decorations of moons and several stars as well. While these owls, moons, and stars are silver, once you move the chopsticks around allowing it to reflect light you will then see several colors of opal shinning through these silver decorations, making it look like a twinkling night sky. The top black portion with designs has been finished with a smooth glossy glaze to complete the design.

While the top features lots of intricate designs, the bottom dark wood portion also has attention to detail as well. To make it easier for the user, the bottom half of these reusable chopsticks have a rough grainy texture to them. With this rough grainy texture, it makes it a lot easier for the user to pick up slippery food like noodles rather than with a smooth glossy surface, making this pair of chopsticks beautifully design and convenient for use.

Wrapped in a plastic wrap for protection, this pair of chopsticks can also be considered lucky as according to Japanese myth, owls are represented as creatures that bring forth luck to their owners. A great gift for even students or those who need a little luck in their lives, this beautiful pair of shimmering chopsticks is recommended to be hand washed.

  • Chopstick Dimension (L 9-1/8")
  • Product Wt. (0.4 oz)

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