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Bunny and Harvest Moon Japanese Style Chopsticks

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Bunny and Harvest Moon Japanese Style Chopsticks
Item# 12055

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Made in Japan from quality wood, these Japanese style chopsticks would be a great addition to your dinning table as they are simplistic yet carry along a story with them as well.

Mainly black with a smooth and high gloss finish, this black pair of Japanese style chopsticks features two white bunnies outlined in gold on each chopstick, both looking up high at a golden white clouded moon. The bunnies are also surrounded by small stands of autumn tall grass, leaving a serene impression as the rabbits gaze at the harvest moon above them.

In the Buddhist Jataka Tale, a Monkey, Otter, Jackal and a Rabbit decided to practice being charitable on the day of the full moon, which is the Mid Autumn Festival. When an old man appeared before them begging for food, each animal was able to provide a gift of food for him as they each had their own individual trait to gather, except for the Rabbit who only knew how to gather grass. Because of this, he offered his own body as food but when the Rabbit threw himself into the old man's fire to cook himself, he did not burn. The old man then revealed himself to be Sakra, Lord of the Devas, and rewarded the Rabbit's virtue by engraving the Rabbit's image on the moon for all to see. Share this legend as a wonderful conversation piece with this storytelling pair of Japanese style chopsticks.

Perfect for rabbit lovers and storytellers, these chopsticks also make a great gift for Easter baskets as well. Hand washing is recommended for this item and comes in a plastic wrap.

  • Chopstick Dimension (L 8-7/8")
  • Product Wt. (0.4 oz)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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