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Turquoise Sky and Earth Medium Japanese Square Plate

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Turquoise Sky and Earth Medium Japanese Square Plate
Item# 11785-1

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Bring the majestic clear blue of tropical waters into your home! This enchanting Japanese square plate takes its inspiration from a naturally-formed lagoon and replicates this image through its intricate coloring and design. Painted on the rim of this beautiful plate is a shiny brown color that fades into a vibrant orange as it nears the center of the plate. The orange turns to a light green-blue color that ebbs into a deep cerulean blue crackled glaze. This glossy and glazed top surface of the plate shines in the light, much like how sea water glimmers in the light of the sun.

As a stark contrast to the dynamic colors on the plateís top surface, the underside of the plate exposes orange-hued raw ceramic that this wonderful plate was made from in Japan. With this rough, matte texture extending up to the Japanese square plateís rim, you will have an easy time gripping this plate and ensuring that nothing spills or breaks.

The lively colors and style that the Turquoise Sky and Earth Collection have will bring a pop of color onto your dining table that will make your friends and family awestruck when they use this mid-sized Japanese square plate. Because of the plateís raised edges, serving saucy dishes, sushi rolls, or any main course will be easy and worry-free. With such a work of art, itís no surprise that this incredible plate must be handwashed and cannot be put into the microwave, but these are minor inconveniences compared to the stunning display and functional durability that this plate will bring to your dining table!

  • Plate Dimension (L 7" x W 7" x H 1-3/8")
  • Product Wt. (1 lb. 0.9 oz)

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