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Affordable and fun, the wide assortment of lucky charms we offer at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen are chock full of good wishes and positive energy that have long been a part of ancient Japanese culture and include Chinese symbols for good luck as well.

Whether your choice is a double frog lucky charm for the safe return of a traveler or your money, or a dog ceramic lucky charm that brings luck to those born under this sign; you will find little nudges of luck that fits every occasion and purpose.

These Japanese cell phone charms and Chinese cell phone charms are easy to tie onto cell phones or zipper pulls, you may want to display them separately or together in big bundles of good luck. Each little miniature is made with exquisite attention to detail and some are simply a way to declare your interests, such as the mini tuna roll sushi /agari tea cup charm, or the little Japanese girl in pink kimono charm.

Perfect as a decorative touch on a gift wrapped package or as a stocking stuffer or even as token gift in a card; these little Japanese good luck charms pack a lot of punch and well wishes. Fun to give and receive, these little conversation starters will be sure to "charm" their way into your heart.

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Sparkling Crystal Sakura Lucky Charm
Was: $9.35  SALE: $8.45
Sweet Sakura Blossom Cell Phone Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $6.75
Netsuke Okame Face Cell Phone Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $6.75
Jade Buddhist Deity Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.95
Tiger Ceramic Lucky Charm
Was: $8.45  SALE: $6.75
Good Luck Zori Charm
Was: $7.95  SALE: $6.55
Jade Zodiac Horse Lucky Charm
Was: $8.95  SALE: $4.55
Japanese Girl in Pink Kimono Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $6.05
Japanese Okobo/ Geta Clogs Charm Pink
Was: $6.55  SALE: $5.75
Lucky Frog Bell Charm
Was: $7.95  SALE: $6.75
Happiness Owl Charms
Was: $8.75  SALE: $8.25
Good Fortune Turtles Charm
Was: $7.95  SALE: $6.75
Safe Driving Protective Charm
Was: $4.25  SALE: $3.25
Rat Ceramic Lucky Charm
Was: $8.45  SALE: $6.75
Small Genuine Jade Ten Coins Charm
Was: $5.05  SALE: $4.05
100 Hello Kitty Japanese Charms
Was: $3.55  SALE: $2.05
White Rabbit w/ Bell Lucky Charm
Was: $1.35  SALE: $1.05
Owl Bell Charm with Strap
Was: $1.35  SALE: $1.05
Ten Million Coin Lucky Cat Charm
Was: $1.35  SALE: $1.06
Tarepanda Bell Charm with Straps
Was: $1.35  SALE: $1.05
Doraemon Charm with Strap
Was: $3.15  SALE: $2.85
Netsuke Owl Charm
Was: $6.35  SALE: $5.65
Netsuke Kaeru Cell Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $6.45
Netsuke Gold Kaeru Charm
Was: $6.55  SALE: $5.55
Lucky Wish Jade Charm
Was: $7.95  SALE: $6.65
Happy Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $6.45
Lucky Green Frog Key Charm
Was: $6.85  SALE: $5.85
Purse Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $6.45
Chirimen Japanese Cell Phone Charm
Was: $8.15  SALE: $6.95
Japanese Kaeru" Frog Lucky Charms"
Was: $5.65  SALE: $4.85
Jade Bell and Vase Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Jade Peanut Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Jade Ingot Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Round Jade Bead Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Magician Hello Kitty Phone Charm
Was: $1.25  SALE: $1.05
Maneki Neko Hello Kitty Phone Charm
Was: $1.35  SALE: $1.05
Adorable Cow Hello Kitty Phone Charm
Was: $1.25  SALE: $1.05
Enchanting Wise Owl Japan Phone Charm
Was: $1.25  SALE: $1.05
Brass Smiley Face Phone Charms
Was: $1.35  SALE: $1.05
Daruma Bell Lucky Cell Phone Charm
Was: $9.25  SALE: $8.35
Red Daruma Japanese Lucky Charm
Was: $9.25  SALE: $8.35

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