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Wedding Gifts & Registry
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Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the Newlyweds? Help the Newlyweds to discover fresh and new ideas for making a great Asian dining experience in their own home. Who knows when they will invite you to dinner! We have several Tableware Gift Sets that the newlyweds can also expand upon with their collections! Don’t forget to also check out our Asian Kitchen Guide that we have available, featuring our very popular Wok Sets.

Don't forget to check out our Wedding Favors Ideas Guide! We’ve come up with a few ideas to surprise your guests with beautiful wedding favors that they will love to take home and to remember your special day by.

Cranes: Symbol of Unity in Marriage

Cranes are beloved in Japan and a very popular motif for wedding gifts. Seen as mythical creatures that symbolize good fortune and longevity, cranes are also known to mate for life, which has caused the crane to become a symbol for the unity of marriage and carries with it the hopes that a new marriage will last for eternity. Gifts to the newlyweds will vary, gifts of money are placed in special envelopes or greeting cards that is decorated with a crane motif. Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen carries many unique gift ideas like crane motif bento boxes or Crane soup bowl. Your gift will be extra special and heart felt when you choose pieces from from our Cranes In Flight and White Waves Collection.

Cranes in Blue Bowl Set (Set of Five)
Was: $33.95
SALE: $30.55
Black Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.95
SALE: $1.55
White Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.95
SALE: $1.50
Golden Cranes Chopsticks Box
Was: $5.75
SALE: $5.15
Crane Motif Sushi Oke/ Divided Container
Was: $31.25
SALE: $29.65

Gifts of Asian Kitchenware

Want to help the newlyweds have the perfect kitchenware and accessories for an Asian Kitchen? Our Chinese Wok Sets are a very popular item that is perfect as a gift since most come with all the accessories you need! If they love sushi as well, why not help equip their kitchen with everything they need to make Sushi with our Sushi Making Sets. We have also made a simple guide with all the right accessories you need for an Asian Kitchen.

Large Beige Shabu Shabu/Hibachi Grill Base
Was: $43.25
SALE: $22.95
Stainless Steel Shabu-Shabu Pan
Was: $78.75
SALE: $68.75
8-3/4 Inch Blue Lines Donabe
Was: $78.75
SALE: $70.85
Maple Leaves Japanese Clay Pot
Was: $74.95
SALE: $67.55
Blue Flowers Medium Donabe Pot
Was: $62.75
SALE: $56.45
Six Piece Floral Vegetable Cutters
Was: $10.75
SALE: $9.65
Benriner Vegetable Turning Slicer
Was: $149.95
SALE: $130.95
Food Sculpting Tool Set
Was: $13.65
SALE: $10.95
Chinese Cleaver
Was: $35.95
SALE: $30.05

Gifts of Asian Tableware

Newlyweds are definitely doing to need some brand new tableware for their brand new home! Give them a unique collection that no one else will have in the neighborhood that will make their dinner parties all the more special. From beautiful traditional design tableware like the Cherry Blossom collection to more earthen tones like the Pale Blue and Earthen Crackled Sand collection, these is a wide variety of styles to choose from.


Mrs. Lin's Kitchen Gift Registry

Congratulations! Now that the date is set, its time to figure out what you would like your guests to purchase for you and your fiancé in your new home! Our gift registry is user friendly and allows your guests to find the products you are interested in very easily. You can plan months in ahead as well as you can manage your gift registry at any time by adding, editing, or deleting products from your registry. To start, make an account on our Gift Registry page and then you can browse all of our products to find everything you need for your new life together. Whether you’re looking to equip your kitchen with new Cookware like our famous Chinese woks, or maybe some beautiful Asian Tableware for your dining table…we have a wide variety of Asian products to make your new home unique!




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