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What good is an original yixing teapot without matching yixing teacups to go with it? Not to worry, Mrs. Lin's Kitchen offers everything you need to complete your zisha collection, from single mugs to teacup sets and all the manner of zisha teapots and yixing tea sets.

Our yixing teacups come in a range of colors, all fired to produce these earthen beauties. Choose Earthen Blue Yixing Teacups in a set of 4, with a slightly rough, clay surface. Or, choose Earthen Light Brown Teacups, also in a set of 4, to match a variety of natural tableware items. We have many shades of brown and even yellow, black, and red. Perfect for entertaining guests or serving tea to family.

Traditionally, yixing tea cups were so tiny that even consuming 100 cups was considered drinking in moderation. Our tea cups range in size from tiny to tall, conveniently suiting your need for versatility. Yixing teaware is world-renowned, made by hand without the use of toxic elements. Zisha is recognized for elasticity and porosity, so that over time, a layer of tea sediment forms within the clay, making each subsequent cup of tea that much tastier.

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