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Originating in the Jiangsu province, the "pottery capital" of China, Yixing teaware is the pride of Asia and a gem to share with tea lovers everywhere. Browse our assorted collection of fine Asian Inspired Yixing Teapots to understand what all the fuss is about.

Yixing teapots are made entirely by hand by dedicated yixing potters who understand the special elasticity of zisha clay like no other craftsmen do. Each piece is a unique work of art, like the Double Happiness Yixing Teapot, sculpted in a geometric design and featuring the Double Happiness character as a lid, or the Bottleneck Yixing Teapot, with a beautiful copper red tone and exquisite bottleneck shape.

You couldn't pour a cup of tea with more pride and pleasure than you can with these Yixing teapots with abstract and simple designs. Of course, there's also the knowledge of having a teapot that absorbs small amounts of tea within the walls of the chamber, releasing the aroma, flavor, and scent of quality tea with every pour.

These yixing teapots are meant to be collected and used specifically for one type of tea. And this collection will inspire you with the undeniable essence of Asia.

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Yellow Yixing Teapot
Was: $40.95  SALE: $28.65
Yellow Yixing Teapot
Was: $40.95  SALE: $28.65

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