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Well loved for its cuteness and considered a symbol of conservation, the adorable Panda is popular with both kids and adults around the world. At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen we carry a modern panda figurine that is solar powered and is too cute for words. The constant movement of the waving panda can be switched on or off and will catch the eyes of panda lovers even when it is still.

The owl in Western cultures is said to be wise, the kanji symbol for owl in Japanese includes the Chinese symbol for "fuku" or happiness. It is not uncommon for the depiction of the owl to be included in lucky charms or figurines in order to welcome happiness into a person's life. From little figurines to solar powered versions, we have selected great pieces to keep or present for wishes of happiness.

Not one, not two, but seven fortune gods are included in our set of miniature ceramic figurines of Japanese seven lucky gods. Every version of the special gods are available for your specific needs, you probably will want all seven as they are more powerful when working together to bring you good fortune in love, business, luck in gambling, over all wealth, knowledge and good health.

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