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Chinese Chops

Chinese chops are comparable to the western signature. Dating back over three thousand years; the original purpose of the Chinese chop was a form of identification; no two Chinese chop stamp marks were alike and they were often hand carved from ivory, jade, soapstone or even precious metals for those who could afford them. 

As they evolved, the Chinese chop became more than simply identification; they also became a creative medium for artists and poets to display their artistic talents in the delicate carving and designs. 

As little as ten years ago, Chinese chops would be the primary tool used to "seal the deal" on contracts, bank withdrawals or deposits or for any type of formal business transaction that required a signature. As security measures have evolved with the advent of the computer age, the Chinese chop stamp is now used more for symbolic reasons. However, it is not unusual to see the mark of the chop on important documents such as contracts, wills, etc. You will often find that the higher end craftsmen will include their chop signature in the artwork they produce.

At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen, we have collected a charming assortment of unique Chinese chops including; zodiac chops and good luck chops that make great gifts and as a way to add your personal "signature" as well.

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Snake Chop and Ink Set
Was: $18.65  SALE: $15.05
Rat Chop and Ink Set
Was: $19.95  SALE: $15.05
Ox Chop and Ink Set
Was: $19.95  SALE: $15.05
Tiger Chop and Ink Set
Was: $19.95  SALE: $15.05

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